MARYVILLE, Mo. — Picture, if you will, a bright sunrise over a mountain or very large slow-moving fish deep within the ocean. These are some of the images conjured while listening to the music in the 2019-2020 Marching Spoofhound field show.

According to Tim Gilham, new Maryville High School instrumental music director, this year’s show offers something for every fan of music, and on Friday, Aug. 2, friends and family got a preview.

Inside Maryville High School the powerful sounds created by band members reverberated throughout the gym, tempting listeners to paint their own pictures.

The show titled “The Four Elements,” provides three distinct sections of music.

From the high-pitched piccolo introducing the show in the “Earth” segment, to the slow, languid heavy trombone during the “Air-Water” portion, the show produces the feeling of motion, even while the band members are standing still.

The third movement borrows from Igor Stravinsky’s ballet and orchestral concert work “The Firebird,” and speeds up the pace, offering a robust, energetic culmination to the show.

Gilham, formerly music director at Trenton, said the band is in great shape.

“We’ve got hard-working kids and a lot of talent,” he said. “We’re going to be good.”

While the impressive sound created in the gym will lose a bit of its resonance, it still will translate to the field, Gilham explained. “But I think we’re going to be sounding pretty big outside too.”

Choosing the show because of the music in it, Gilham said that he likes to choose shows and music that paint a picture or mood rather than tell a very specific story.

In this show, “There are a lot of opportunities for expressiveness,” he said. “I’m pretty visual with the kids.”

With regard to marching Gilham said the students have been well-instructed, and that they didn’t have to spend a lot of time on marching practice.

“We drilled them on fundamentals,” he said. “The philosophy is you march a certain way because you formed this habit. … We still have a lot of work to do, but they get it.”

The band will participate in area marching festival band days including Carrollton, Clarinda, Fayette and Trenton. Band members already performed in the Nodaway County Fair Parade hosted by the Greater Maryville Chamber ambassadors and plans also to perform in parades such as the Northwest Missouri State University Homecoming parade.

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