Forum Flashbacks: World-renown trumpeter performs

25 years ago: World-renown trumpeter Wynton Marsalis performed at Northwest Missouri State University’s Mary Linn Performing Arts Center last night. Marsalis played several jazz and blues numbers during the show, which is among the final live shows Marsalis has scheduled before he takes a break from touring and concert performances.

25 years ago

  • Rattling dishes and shaking window panes were about the worst damage suffered in Nodaway County after an earthquake shook the region late Friday night.
    According to scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo., a quake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale struck Northwest [sic] Missouri at 11:54 p.m., Friday. The quake, which had its epicenter 10 miles north of Maryville, lasted only a few seconds but made its impact felt from as far north as Clarinda, Iowa to as far south as the southern region of Nodaway County.
    “I thought maybe my furnace had blown up, I felt such a shake,” Wilma Dawson of Wilcox, said.

15 years ago

  • Against the advice of his attorney, Scott Vergith pleaded guilty on Monday to a second round of arson charges, and if the prosecuting attorney and the victims in the case have their way, the former firefighter will serve a much more substantial prison sentence.
    The guilty plea is Vergith’s second in six months to two different sets of arson charges. In September, he pleaded guilty to two counts of class D felony arson for the burning of a car and a construction trailer in Mound City. He was later sentenced to serve at least 120 days in state prison. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of class C felony arson for breaking into (a) Maryville house and setting fires inside in March 2004.
  • The Maryville R-II School District has hired an attorney to help find out what — or who — is responsible for water damage at the Maryville Middle School, and examine the feasibility of filing a lawsuit for the damage.
    “There are a bunch of different issues that we’re trying to pull together and figure out what all the causes are,” superintendent Vickie Miller said.
    Last year, the school’s gymnasium floor buckled as much as a foot in certain places due to water damage, and several other leaks have been detected in the building since. The gym floor buckling eventually receded as the floor dried out and is currently being only lightly used, but Miller said she doesn’t know if the floor will eventually have to be replaced. Other repairs have also been made.
    “We’re still looking for some of the causes of the water problems,” Miller said. “We don’t think there is one source; we think there are a number of sources.”

5 years ago

  • Northwest Missouri State University students who work at the Maryville Hy-Vee supermarket, or students who are dependents of employees at the local food store, are now eligible to receive financial assistance for college through the newly established Larry Neal Memorial Scholarship fund.
    The Neal family provided a cash gift of $10,000 to set up the fund, which remains open to additional donations from others.
    A selection committee that includes the manager of the Maryville Hy-Vee and university staff will award one $1,000 scholarship annually, with academic achievement and financial need as the leading criteria.
    “We were very fortunate and very appreciative that the community, family and friends very generously honored Larry with their memorials,” said Neal’s widow, Connie Neal. “We wanted to establish a scholarship in his name because of his connection to Hy-Vee and the Hy-Vee family for so long.”
    Neal, who died in August, worked at Hy-Vee as a meat cutter for 46 years and had many connections to customers and co-workers who were also Northwest students.
  • Diane Francis, board president of Lettuce Dream Inc., has announced that the non-profit has been given about three acres of land near the intersection of East First Street and the Highway 71 bypass to use as the site of a proposed greenhouse operation designed to provide jobs and vocational training for people with developmental and cognitive disabilities.
    Francis said the land was donated by Maryville East Side Development, a limited liability corporation, owned by Mark and Myles Burnsides, who are creating a retail commercial development in the same area that is to include a carwash, Casey’s General Store and perhaps other businesses as well.

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