CONCEPTION, Mo. — On a day that couldn’t have been better suited for it, more than 250 walkers, runners and strollers participated in the 24th annual Abbey Trails 5K Saturday morning.

The annual 5K and 2-mile walk raises money for Conception Abbey and Conception Seminary College.

“The event continues to thrive each year, and for that we are grateful,” said event organizer Trish Wiederholt. “We enjoy hosting participants from the region to promote health and wellness. Next year is the event’s 25th anniversary, so we look forward to another outstanding year in 2020.”

The proceeds from Abbey Trails are used to promote healthy lifestyles among the monks and seminarians of the abbey and college, and in the surrounding communities.

John Paul Hartnedy, a seminarian at Conception Seminary College, was the overall winner in the men’s category, finishing the 5K race with a time of 18:27.49.

Shayla Murphy was the overall winner in the women’s category, completing her run in 20:32.91.

The age group first place winners in the men’s 5K run were: Noah Doolittle (0-13); Xavier Schmidt (14-19); Brent Potliska (20-29); Rev. Paul Sheller, OSB (30-39); Jon Doolittle (40-49); Steven Klassen (50-59); Dave Carlson (60-69); and Larry Davison (70+).

The age group first place winners in the women’s 5K run were: Iris Alvarez (0-13); Lindsey Barnes (20-29); Bridgett Pearce (30-39); Anali Mathies (40-49); Sally Bowman (50-59); Julie Spiking (60-69); and Melba Mier (70+).

In the two-mile walk, participants estimated their completion time before the event and winners were determined by accuracy.

The age group first place winners in the men’s two-mile walk were: Isaac Jensen (0-13); Aaron Kerns (14-19); Bradley Rankin (20-29); Travis Reed (30-39); Anthony Cordaro (60-69); and Br. Thomas Sullivan (70+).

The age group first place winners in the women’s two-mile walk were: Emma Reed (0-13); Stephanie O’Brien (14-19); Brittany Shipp (20-29); Candy Roberts (30-39); Stephanie Patterson (40-49); Sharon Strueby (50-59); Janet Daniels (60-69); and Dorothy Nelson (70+).

Citizens Bank and Trust in Maryville was the winner of the Corporate Challenge 5K, while Nodaway Valley Bank won the Corporate Challenges for both the 2-mile walk and most overall participants. The Corporate Challenge awarded traveling trophies to the area business or organization that came in first in each of three categories: most participants, fastest average time in the 5K and closest average time in the walk.

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