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Conception Abbey, a community of Benedictine monks located east of Maryville, has unveiled a new roster of logos intended to unify public perceptions with regard to the congregation’s various programs and institutions, which include Conception Seminary College, the Abbey Guest Center and The Printery House. 

CONCEPTION, Mo. — Conception Abbey, a 145-year-old community of Benedictine monks located in eastern Nodaway County, has unveiled a branding initiative designed to unify and enhance public awareness of its component institutions, programs and ministries.

Marketing materials include new logos for the abbey, Conception Seminary College, the Abbey Guest Center and The Printery House.

In addition to marks for each of the entities listed above, an overarching logo seeks to combine all abbey activities under the theme “Conception: Living the Benedictine Tradition.” 

Kaity Holtman, Conception’s director of communications, said the new marks, composed of graphically similar elements, are intended to introduce a “fresh look” for the community’s promotional materials while offering a “consistent, cohesive message to all audiences across a variety of mediums.”

“We believe this new brand will help us illustrate our commonalities across the many apostolic works of Conception,” Holtman said. “Together all of our departments will brand as Conception.”

She added that the Rule of St. Benedict “underlies every aspect and apostolic work” at the abbey and embodies a tradition emphasizing the values of hospitality, service, faith, daily work and contemplative prayer.

“It is our hope that our unified brand will help our many external audiences to make connections that each of our ministries is tied together,” Holtman said.

“When someone receives a card made at The Printery House, we want them to make the connection that this is the same place where the monks pray for and minister to the Catholic Church.”

All of the new logos are rendered in blue and gold, with blue symbolizing stability, faith and the Virgin Mary, revered in Catholic tradition as the mother of Christ. Gold connotes the hues of sunset reflecting off the abbey’s iconic towers, which grace the west exterior of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

A brief description of the abbey’s core ministries appears below:

• The Printery House, which operates a gift shop on the abbey campus, produces and sells greeting cards as well as contemporary religious art and Christian gift items. 

• Conception’s Abbey Guest Center serves as a venue for group retreats and stays by individuals seeking an environment conducive to prayer, meditation and reflection.

According to the abbey’s website, the guest ministry is rooted to the Rule of St. Benedict’s call to hospitality, which states that “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’” 

• Conception Seminary College is an accredited four-year undergraduate liberal arts institution with a curriculum designed primarily to prepare students discerning a call to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

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