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Elida Negaard, 9, tries her hand at the 2-liter soda ring toss game on Friday night at the Skidmore Punkin Show. 

Farmer Relay: Michael Brown and Patrick O'Riley

Henry Golden Boy gun raffle: Charlotte Dunn

Frog jumping contest: 5 and younger winner was Boyd Riddler; Older than 5 winner was Bryton Olson; adult winner was Luke Coffelt

Smoke off: First place Brandon and Kelby Palmer; second place, Jeff and Jerri Dearmont and Aaron and Bambi Simmons


Quilt Show results

Handquilted: First place, Sharon Strauch submitted a quilt given to her as a gift in the 1970s by her mother. It was made by Pansy Hardman and embroidered green and pink on white. Second place, Cheryl Chesnut, Skidmore, embroidered blue rose; third place, Cheryl Chesnut submitted a quilt by Ethel Chesnut, Skidmore, appliqued green and orange.

Machine quilted: First place, Sue Stiens, Skidmore, Lone Star; second place, Beverly Noellsch, Skidmore, with her handkerchief quilt that was quilted by Steve Griffith; third place, Christina Charles, Skidmore, pink sampler quilt

Baby quilt: First place, Christina Charles, Skidmore, stars and dolls quilt; second place, Sue Stiens, Skidmore, lady bug; third place, Sue Stiens, pin wheels

Misc. items: First place, Cheryl Chestnut, to grandmothers house wall hanging; second place, Carol O'Riley, Graham, Christmas table topper; third place Sally Sims, North Bend, Nebraska, swirl table runner.


Car Show results

49 and older: First place Ed Herbert; second place, Garnett Family

50-64: First place Dwane Hughes; second place, Kendra ORiley

65-79: First place Ashlyn Jackson; second place, Bob Smock

95 and newer: First place, Christina Charles



60 and older: First place, Jerry Allen; second place, Cletus Lager

65-85: First place, Robert Gaskill; second place, John Lager

86 and newer: First place, Andrew Eiberger; second place, Bob Porter



40-49: First place, Lloyd Nelson; second place, Brian Damewood

50-59: First place, Cletus Lager; second place, Jerry Brown

60-69: First place, Marty Coston; second place, Lloyd Nelson

70 and newer: First place, Michael Brown; second place, JC Ware

People's choice tractor: Larry Vance

People's choice car/tractor: Ashlyn Jackson

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