MARYVILLE, Mo. — Caden Springs first discovered his passion for video game soundtracks when he was a child playing games and bonding with his grandfather.

He played Nintendo, like old classic Nintendo,” Springs remembered. “He and I just spent a long time around that; around Donkey Kong Country.”

These experiences inspired the young artist to pursue a career in composing, specifically for video game soundtracks.

“I just want to make music for videos games,” Springs said. “It’s always been a dream of mine.”

While he has plenty of passion for the games and music, Springs also faces many difficulties on the path toward his dream career due to a disability. That’s why he’s decided to reach out to the online community for help.

Springs recently created a GoFundMe page, asking for only $600 to buy a new laptop to work on his compositions

“You might be wondering why I can’t just get a job and save to buy one; I have a disease called muscular dystrophy,” Springs explains on the page. “I am fully confined to a wheelchair and can’t go out and actually work on my own for long periods of time without becoming tired.”

On his page, Desktop for Disabled Composer, Springs says he wants to make music that the world can enjoy, but his disability has made it near-impossible to afford the proper equipment.

The musician has learned to sing, play the piano and play the guitar, but a career in composition would require knowledge of sound-mixing technology. Springs says he went to Missouri Western State University after high school where he began to learn about audio editing.

During his time at the university, Springs began making videos sharing his music and love of games on YouTube, but eventually, he had to leave the university when his physical limitations made it difficult to navigate the campus.

“It was mainly because it was so cold out, in my electric wheelchair,” Springs said. “It would make me freeze.”

The young artist now lives in Maryville, where he spends his time playing games and working on music with just a low-powered laptop, microphone and Xbox headphones. Springs hopes that those in both the online and local community can help him take the next step toward his career by donating to his GoFundMe.

“That would at least start me off with a good computer,” Springs said. “I don’t want to ask for too much because, it’s weird but I don’t want to take too many handouts.”

Despite the challenges along the way, Springs is confident that one day he will be able to achieve his dreams of making video game soundtracks and even meet the man who composed the soundtracks of the games he played with his grandpa.

“I talked to the composer on Twitter once; I fan-girled out when I started talking to him,” Springs said. “His name is Grant Kikhope; one of these days I’ll meet him.”

Those interested in learning more about Springs GoFundMe page can search for Desktop for Disabled Composer at

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