Monster Bass

The City of Maryville is partnering with Tightlines UV, a local fishing lure manufacturer, to bring the inaugural Mozingo Monster Bass competition to Mozingo Lake this summer.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to land a monster bass out of Mozingo Lake, could have the chance to do so this summer. Tightlines UV Lure Company, along with the City of Maryville, will be hosting the inaugural Mozingo Monster Bass competition, beginning Monday, July 1. 

The competition will run through Dec. 31 and will give anglers of all ages the opportunity to win fishing tackle, certificates and bragging rights for trophy-size bass caught from the lake, located east of Maryville off Highway 136.

To qualify for the giveaways, which will include Tightlines UV Tackle Packs worth up to $250, anglers must follow set guidelines for the competition.

Brett Ware, Tightlines UV's developer and CEO, says the rules are fairly simple.  

"The bass have to be caught at Mozingo Lake in order to qualify and must weigh over seven pounds," he said. "The bass must be legally caught using a hook, pole and line method and will require photographs for verification."

Additional rules will require the fisherman to take a picture of the bass with a digital scale, showing the bass from head to tail — including the weight display shown on the scale. The angler must hold the bass horizontally, with one hand firmly gripping the lower jaw and the other hand supporting the weight of the fish behind the anal fin.

The angler should then contact Tightlines UV or a secondary lake contact if the company does not answer. The weight of the bass — must be seven or more pounds — will be verified via pictures sent through text. Tightlines UV can be reached by calling 660-853-9290 or 660-853-1280. If there is no answer at either of those numbers, call the lake contact number, 660-562-3864.

“We know there are some incredibly big bass in Mozingo, some of the biggest Missouri has to offer," Ware said. "We, along with the City of Maryville, want to see people get out on the lake and take advantage of what Mozingo has to offer and show anglers everywhere what can be pulled out of this beautiful lake right in our back yard.”

Ware also added, with the competition being open to anyone, he expects to lure in all types of anglers. "This isn't just for the diehard bass fisherman; we expect to see families, people just learning to fish and kids."  

He said that while bass fishing requires some skill, luck plays a hand in the sport as well. "It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a young boy or girl reel in a trophy-size bassor someone out on the lake fishing for the first time. In all my years of fishing, I've just about seen it all."    

A complete listing of the official rules and prizes can be found on the company’s website,, and also on the Tightlines UV Facebook page. Ware encourages everyone to follow along throughout the summer on the Tightlines UV Facebook and Instagram pages to see photos of the bass submitted for entry. 

“I think people will really be surprised as to what will be pulled out of this lake, “Ware stated. “We are calling the competition Mozingo Monster Bass for a reason; there are truly some big ones in there just waiting to be lipped. It’s going to be fun watching anglers compete to pull the fattest one out, and who knows, maybe the state record will be broken.”

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