The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, Aug. 13.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and County Clerk Melinda Patton. 

Business before the board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: an invoice for Axon Enterprise Inc.; a payment requisition regarding a Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplement to the Missouri Department of Revenue and a second Sheriff’s Office requisition for Command Sourcing Inc. for jail supplies.

• Correspondence: Email from Janice Wieberg of the State Emergency Management Agency regarding 2015 insurance

•  Review of an estimate from Precision Lock & Key for repairs to an interior handicap accessible door at the County Administration Center.

• A telephone meeting with a representative from Jackson Insurance regarding the deductible on county telecommunications equipment. The county has filed a claim for damage from a lightning strike on Aug. 12. Whipple Telephone Service estimated the cost of repairs at $1,200.

A telephone meeting with a representative of Maryville Glass & Lock with regard to the intercom/video system used by judges at the courthouse.

• Approval of an estimate from MEI Elevator Solutions for repairing damage to the public elevator at the courthouse.

• An update from Kim Mildward of the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments regarding a Community Development Block Grant proposed to help pay for historical preservation work at the courthouse.

• An inquiry from a citizen regarding what action would be required to switch Nodaway County from a township to a county form of government.

• A meeting with Andy Macias of the Snyder & Associates engineering firm regarding the federally funded BRO bridge replacement program.

• Inspections: road 307 in Nodaway Township, road 600 on the Polk/White Cloud township line and road 760 in White Cloud Township.

• Approval of Small Project Bundle Pay for Federal Emergency Management Agency project FEMA-4238-DR-MO.

• A phone meeting with Sally Tatro of Gallagher Insurance regarding 2020 insurance bids.

The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Thursday, Aug. 15.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and County Clerk Melinda Patton.

Business before the board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: an invoice from Linville Inspections LLC tied to an asbestos inspection required for a Community Development Block Grant being used to help fund a pair of bridges in Jackson Township; a payment requisition for Parsons’ Tire & Battery for new patrol vehicle tires; a payment requisition for SHI Headquarters for circuit court clerk office equipment; a payment requisition for MTE Office Center for printers.

• Correspondence: sales tax, use tax and gravel sales tax reports, University of Missouri Extension Council July expense report, July additions and abatements and communication regarding asbestos inspections at bridge sites in Jackson Township

• A bid signing for bridge 198. Sealed bids will be accepted until 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, in the county clerk’s office then opened immediately after that time in the commission chambers. Commissioners also signed compliance certifications for bridges 32 and 407.

• A meeting with Justin Burwinkle, Hilary Edwards and Margo Stokebrand of the Willdan company regarding energy efficiency at the courthouse. The meeting included a tour of the building. Items discussed included the boiler system, air conditioning units, lighting, windows, roofing and plumbing. Willdan is to submit a written report based on the inspection that will be shared with the commissioners.

• A call from a resident regarding Nodaway County’s upcoming 175th Anniversary. The county was established in 1845. No decisions were made regarding a possible celebration.

• A discussion with Casey White, an adjuster with Missouri Public Entity Risk Management, regarding lightning damage to county-owned equipment that took place Aug. 12. 

• A discussion with an Enel Green Power representative regarding upcoming road closures related to the White Cloud wind farm currently under construction in western Nodaway County.

• A phone meeting with Worth County Commissioner Tyler Paxson regarding road 183 in Independence Township.

• A final discussion with regard to proposed telephone system upgrades. Commissioner Burns made a motion to proceed with an offer to install the upgrades submitted by United Services that passed unanimously.

• A report from McGinnis Electric regarding lightning damage to the courthouse tower clock. In addition, the commissioners called Whipple Telephone Service for an update on telephone line repairs. Other maintenance issues discussed included audio/visual gear at the courthouse and the courthouse elevator.

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