August 13, 2019

Rachel Skaggs and Brady Willis to Willis Family Properties, LLC – Lot 8 Woodruff’s Redivision of …John Saunders Addition Except 24 Ft. Off North Side Thereof

Verlin D. and Dorothy E. Vulgamott Revocable Living Trust to Zealand R. Jr and Bailee Smith – Com N1/4 Cor Sec 6-64-35 Thence…See Record

David J. and Kathy R. Duesing to David and Kathleen Duesing Revocable Trust – Lot 17 Macarthur Park

August 14, 2019

Emily Rose Gaa to Emily Rose Gaa and Jose De Jesus Rivera Castro – See Record

Jeffrey E. Funston to Ledgerwood Rentals-3, LLC – Lot 7 Jackson Heights Maryville

August 15, 2019

Roger and Jayne Vest to Michael and Jessica Vest – NE1/4 Sec 19-64-37

Roger and Jayne Vest to Michael and Jessica Vest – Com at SE Cor Sec 19-64-37 Thence…See Record

August 16, 2019

Douglas E. and Julia M. Broom to Garrett C. and Erin LaMaster – All Lot 5 and N 25 Ft Lot 4 Blk 1 Conception and Lots 6, 7 Blk 1 Motch’s Add Except…See Record

Dean E. and Lois Kay Savage Revocable Trust to Dorothy J. Wade – See Record

Timothy M. and Regina Lea Mackey to Charles L. Tewell, Jr. – Lot 5 Blk I Lynnhurst Addition

Virginia L. Summa Revocable Living Trust to Timothy M. and Regina L. Mackey – Lot 10 Blk 2 SM Dunn’s Addition Together…See Record

Jean A. and Kenneth David Chitwood to David M. McClintock – Lot 6 Village O West Plat No. 2

August 19, 2019

Lee R. and May B. Fankhauser to Lee and May Fankhauser Irrevocable Trust – Lot 4 Blk 2 Spears First Addition to Ravenwood

Vern R. and Peggy J. Swartz Amendment & Restatement of Declaration of Trust to Vern R. and Peggy J. Swartz – Beg at Cen Sec 2-62-37 Thence…See Record

Vern R. and Peggy J. Swartz to Dale Russell and Kelsey Ann Swartz – Beg at Cen Sec 2-62-37 Thence…See Record

J R Property’s LLC, Robert C. and Janet L. Miller to Steven Patrick and Melissa Kay Miller – Lots 11, 12 Blk 55 Maryville City Company’s Addition to Maryville

August 20, 2019

Dad Gumm-5, LLC, Stephen E. Gumm, Linda A. Schieber, Brenda S. Rapp, members to Jason L. Peregrine – Lot 3 Blk 5 Southern Ext. to Maryville  

Jerry C. and Linda J. Scott to Jerry C. and Linda J. Scott Revocable Trust – Lot 16 Countryside View

Penni A. Lujan to Donald H. and Rita J. Luke – Lot 7 Blk 28 Maryville City 

Company’s Addition to Maryville

Sandra S. Mull, Rose Marie Greenfield Revocable Trust to Sandra S. Mull Revocable Trust, Rose Marie Greenfield Revocable Trust – Lots 5, 6 Half Blk 25 Torrance’s Addition to Maryville

Peter A. and Lindsey R. Gibson to Dannen Merrill – Lot 12 Seminary Square, an Addition to Maryville

Danny G. and Dalene Brown to Brenda Coffelt – See Record

August 21, 2019

J. Harry and Geneva L. Barr Revocable Living Trust to Joshua and Samantha Cronk – Lot 8 and E 35 Ft Lot 7 Blk 2 Second Northern Addition to Burlington Jct.

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