August 23, 2019

Eldon L. and Neva Faye Jenson Revocable Living Trust to Sara J. Sunderman – N1/2 SE1/4 and NE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 21-65-36

Eldon L. and Neva Faye Jenson Revocable Living Trust to Tracy and Karen Koger Revocable Living Trust – N1/2 NW1/4 Sec 22-65-36 and SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 15-65-36

Eldon L. and Neva Faye Jenson Revocable Living Trust to Kenneth W. and Donna E. Wilmes Revocable Trust – See Record

Darren and Shantel Farnan to Jeremy P. and Rebecca A. Ferris – Lot 10 TO’s Subdivision, an Addition to Maryville

Dad Gumm – 4, LLC, Steven E. Gumm, Brenda S. Rapp and Linda A. Schieber to William and Megan Stidham – Lots 1, 2 Blk 13 Original Town of Pickering

Chad P. and Lindsay Hannigan to Douglas A. Sr. and Kathleen L. Ballard – Lot 57 Plat No 1 Golden Acres Subdivision, to Maryville

August 26, 2019

Kyle and Sandra L. Mayes to Aaron Mayes – Com at NE Cor W1/2 NW1/4 Sec 13-64-35 Thence…See Record

Fred, Jr. and Joan Marie Contreras Revocable Trust to Shawn Riggs – Lot 4 Blk 36 Hastings Addition to Maryville

Robert and Helane Starlin Living Trust, Helen Kacperski Living Trust to Helane Folske-Starlin – Com at NW Cor Sec 3-62-34 Thence..See Record

Shirley M. Allen to Jared William and Sara Devon Stiens – See Record

Jessica Nicole Spainhower to Kirk Emerson Goslee and Shandi Goslee Tripplett – See Record

Richard L. and Marilyn E. Fletchall to Randy J. and Lori A. Stoll – See Record

Randy J. and Lori A. Stoll to Richard L. and Marilyn E. Fletchall Revocable Trust – Beg at Cen Sec 14-63-34.. See Record

August 27, 2019

Steven and Lynn Beason to Carrie McLead – All Part of W1/2 SW1/4 Sec 27-65-36..See Record

August 28, 2019

Robert L. ad Shirley A. Henggeler, Rural Housing Services, US Department of Agriculture, Anita J. Dunning to Steven R. and Lynn M. Beason – Lot 34 Wandering Hills Est Plat No 3

Darren Nielson to Charles L. and Laurel J. Eyman – See Record

August 29, 2019

Lindsay M. Stapley to Colby D. Stiens – Lot 16 and 15B Pleasant View Addition

Brenda G. and Bruce N. Bishop to Nancy L., John F. and Eddie D. Bishop – W1/2 E1/2 Lot 4 Northern Boundary Original Town of Maryville

Sandra S. Mull to Sandra Mull Revocable Trust – Lot 4 Blk 4 Robinson’s Third Addition to City of Maryville

Douglas and Theresa Cummins to Raymond J. and Lori A. Snead – All of Fractional Lot 8 Blk 63 of E. Stephenson’s Addition to Maryville…See Record

Kirstin Cummins to Raymond J. and Lori A. Snead – Tr Beg SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 17-64-35

August 30, 2019

Brandie L. Law to Christopher M. Law – Lot 9, 10 Blk 1 and Lot 1, 2 Blk 2 in Skidmore’s Fourth Addition to the Town of Skidmore 

Carolyn A. and Dale Buhman, Viola Mae Gumm to Lora Lea Acklin and Alan M. Acklin – Lot 5 Seminary Square, an Addition to Maryville

Dorothy J. Wade to Nickolas G. Groumoutis – S1/2 Lot 11, 12 Blk 3 Robinson’s Third Addition to Maryville

Carroll D. McGinness to Carroll D. McGinness and Carolyn A. Tarrence – See Record

Bluebird Media Network, LLC, Michael Morey, Chief Executive Officer to Uniti Leasing MW, LLC – See Record

Bob E. Austin to Tina Culbertson – Lots 7-18 Blk 1 Corrough’s Second Addition to Arkoe

September 3, 2019

Safe Harbour Eat XI, LLC, Jennifer J. Strand to Michael D. Pitchford – W1/2 SE1/4 17-66-33

September 4, 2019

Annabelle Morton to William Matthew Crawford – Lot 7 Blk 37 F Hastings Addition to the City of Maryville

William Matthew and Roseanna Crawford to Patrick Jackson and Ethan Duchame – Lot 7 Blk 37 F Hastings Addition to the City of Maryville

Cleola B. and George E. Brandt Revocable Inter Vivos Trust to Gregory Eldon and Anita Gayle Brandt – Com at E1/4 Cor Sec 9-64-33 Thence…See Record


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