August 1, 2019

Bryant Dean Goldsmith, 30, Corning, Iowa to Kimberly Ann John, 28, Corning, Iowa

August 2, 2019

Dylan Bradley Miller, 33, Grant City to Chelsea Nicole Wehrli, 26, Grant City

August 5, 2019

Logan Eugene Frueh, 26, Maryville to Nikki Lyn Owens, 22, Maryville

August 6, 2019

Justin James Viglino, 44, Elmo to Jo Anna Chesser, 40, Elmo

August 7, 2019

Ethan Daniel Dixon, 20, Maryville to Kala Jo Hughes, 21, Maryville

August 8, 2019

Clayton Shelby Allen, 27, Barnard to Makenzie Jo O’Donnell, 25, Barnard

August 13, 2019

Larry Tom F. Martin, 36, Rock Port to Nicole Marie Lambert, 31, Rock Port

August 16, 2019

Chad Robert Messner, 27, Parnell to Kaylee Ann Nelson, 27, Parnell

Kyle Brian Hunt, 37, Burlington Jct. to Elizabeth Ann Espey, 27, Burlington Jct.

August 20, 2019

Sweeney Paul Stutes, III, 72, Maryville to Patricia Kay McElroy, 66, Maryville

August 21, 2019

Gregory John Mayer, 43, Omaha, Nebraska to Heather Dawn Winget, 43, Omaha, Nebraska

August 23, 2019

Kendell William Roberts, 29, Skidmore to Ashley Dawn Chor, 24, Skidmore

August 26, 2019

Remington Reed Long, 23, Maryville to Christina Catherine Derks, 20, Maryville

Tyson James Emery, 24, Maryville to Madison Michelle Driskell, 23, Maryville

August 27, 2019

Brandon James Hauck, 38, Maryville to Christine Marie Wieberg, 36, Maryville

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