The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, Sept. 17.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and Deputy County Clerk Lorraine O’Donnell.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Delbert’s Garage, Car Quest, Con Ag, Road and Bridge Department; Gray Oil for diesel, Road and Bridge; GT Distributors for vehicle equipment, Sheriff’s department; Kevin Hartman for hazardous waste control wages; Dr. Justin Mallett for trial expenses and Taryn Henry Attorney fees for indigent.

• Review of mail and email: Kenneth Scott, Missouri 911 Service Board, 3% fee of wireless telecommunication services. ACH direct deposit form completed; HCI, information on employee health benefit plan; MEI, routine maintenance receipt, elevator; and MoPERM, property schedule to be signed and returned for accurate renewal rates.

• Grand River Mutual notified the commission that new customer options could affect the amount of E911 funds that the county will receive.

• Missouri Department of Transportation supplied a response to issues with contract sealing projects.

• Commissioner Walker signed an Indemnity Bond for lost instruments on four certificates of deposit for Myrtle Tree Cemetery.

• A citizen inquired about set back regulations for wind farms.

• Kim Milward with The Regional council of Governments presented a revised application for a Historic Presentation Grant and request for funds to assist with the assessment and feasibility study.

• A closed session regarding personnel.

• A decision was made by the commission to use awarded Community Development Block Grant funds for bridge replacement project #2048-PF-07.

• Ivan Schrader, county attorney, was contacted to discuss intergovernmental agreements while combining E911 services, success of sales tax revenues, and organizational structuring. Schrader suggested that a board be in place before new equipment is purchased. Also discussed was Township form of government vs County form of government. It was advised that if Townships were ever abolished that a tax levy be in place to collect revenues for bonds and debts.

• The Commission inspected State Route FF, Roads #368, #375 and a tube on Road #637, all in Polk Township.

• The Commission spoke with Philip Auffert, Trustee of Independence Township, regarding grader work on State Line road and discussed road rock

• Larry Ecker called in regarding the State Emergency Management Agency meeting that was held earlier this month. The Commission gave him the contact information (Regina Dredge) so he could call her directly. 

• Nick Jameson of Schildberg Construction was contacted for the progress of laying maintenance rock in Atchison, Lincoln, Nodaway and Hughes Townships.

The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Thursday, Sept. 19.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and County Clerk Melinda Patton.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Invoice for McGinness Electric; Elkins-Swyers for binders, Recorder of Deeds; Hy-Vee, Graves and Fall City Mercantile for inmate food and supplies, Sheriff’s department, PTS of America for prisoner transport.

• Correspondence: Reviewed investment report.

• General obligation bonds closing memorandums for Atchison Township were received from Gilmore and Bell and were signed by commission, treasurer and clerk.

• Greg McDanel, Mary-ville City Manager, spoke to the commission, concerning the consolidated 911 system, about a response from an attorney the city has consulted and discussed the RFPs. Stacen Gross of SCG Consulting, ran through the bid information and the recommendations they are making. McDanel requested the County do a Memorandum of Understanding with the city agreeing to 50% of the cost and half of any future upgrades. The bids received are good for 120 days. It is recommended that a decision be made and a contract in place with the chosen entity prior to the end of the year. The Commission will review the information and meet with McDanel next week.

A citizen asked questions and discussed the information that was presented.

• A call was made to McGinness Electric regarding a bill submitted for payment from lightning damage to the courthouse clocktower.

• The Commission inspected Road #606 (approximately ½ mile) in Polk Township and Road #308 in Nodaway Township. Both are reconstruction roads and are approved for gravel.

• Inspection and approval of road 644 in Jefferson Township.


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