July 30, 2019

Martha L. McClintock Revocable Living Trust to Jean A. Chitwood and David M. McClintock – Lot 6 Village O West Plat No 2

Sheldon L. Saxton and Tauni K. Thompson to Ryan M. and Heather A. Stoecklein – NW1/4 Blk 23 Original Town of Maryville Except…See Record

July 31, 2019

Jeremy A. and Jessica M. Gaa to Clint and Randi R. Richardson – See Record

Shelby Richardson to Joshua Mitchell – Tr in SW1/4 Sec 1-63-35..See Record

Cheryl E. and Ivan Hilsabeck, Cheryl E. Cruth to Corey Goll and Charity Denny – See Record

August 1, 2019

Mark A. Clements to Jason and Amanda McCain – Lot 3 A-Plus Acres Subdivision, an Addition to Maryville

Nathaniel H., Wanda Sue and Hunter B. Lambdin to Steven Lee and Kayla S. Wardlow – Lot 3 Blk 9 Beverly Hills Addition to the City of Maryville

John R. and Jean A. Keller to Greg Schulte – Com at SE Cor Sec 1-65-35 Thence..See Record

Brandon M. and Abby L. Kreps to Clarice Davidson – S 10 Ft E1/2 Lot 8 and E1/2 Lot 9, 10 Blk 1 Sayler’s Addition to Hopkins

Brice G. and Sarah Freeman to Cindy Jorgensen – Lot 2 Blk 19 Torrance Addition to Maryville

Kelly Durbin to Brice G. and Sarah Freeman – Lot 9 Except E 5 Ft. Thereof South Park Addition to Maryville

August 2, 2019

Sugar Creek Investment Properties, LLC and Justin T. Mitchell to Ryan M. and Heather A. Stoecklein – Tr 55 Ft Wide N and S of North Side of NW1/4 Blk 23 Original Town of Maryville

 Helane Folske-Starlin, Helen Kaczperski to Helen E. Kaczperski Living Trust, Robert Starlin Living Trust, Helane Starlin Living Trust – Com at NW Cor Sec 3-62-34 Thence… See Record

Mark and Laurie Harding to Randall L. and Cindy L. Schmidt _ The W1/2 of Lots 7, 8, Blk 3 NW Addition to the Original Town of Maryville

Janet S. Argo to Eugene F, Jr. and Deborah M. Pierson – Lot 7 Blk 21 Thompson’s Subdivision of Southern Extension or Addition to Maryville

August 5, 2019

James E. and Betty Jo Wymore to Oakley E, LLC – See Record

Carl H. Jr. and Loretta T. Kissinger Revocable Living Trust to Frankie D. and Brylie A. Chesnut – Lots 4, 5 Blk 25 Kissinger’s Redivision, Southern Extension, All in the City of Maryville