September 25, 2019

Konstantino J. and Kera Galanakis to Mark and Joyce Frampton – Lot 4 Blk 2 Torrance’s Addition to Maryville

Carl Robert Carlson to Charles Giggar – N1/2 Lot 7, 8, 9 Blk 11 Original Town of Ravenwood

September 26, 2019

Agnes Faye Smith, A. Faye Smith to Jessie Hanig – Com at E1/4 Cor Sec 25-66-37 Thence..See Record

Thomas A. and Monica G. Kusick to Mary Welch – S184 Ft Lot 3 Blk 4 Conception

September 27, 2019

Shane Garnett to Darren K. Kato – Lot 1 Blk 1 McPherson’s First Addition to Hopkins

McCarthy Rental Properties, Inc., Rex E. McCarthy Estate, Trisha D. Williams, Executor to Trisha D. Williams – Lot 6 Blk 2 Skidmore’s Fifth Addition and Lots 9, 10 Blk 2 Skidmore Second Addition to the Town of Skidmore

Thomas V. and Mindi Distefano to Jason and Danielle Guthrie – Lot 5 Mozingo Green Acres Sub and Access Easement…See Record

September 30, 2019

Erin Mary Dinsdale to Erin Mary Marlow – Com at S1/4 Cor Sec 13-64-36 Thence…See Record

Peve Crop Services, Inc., Steve Hayes, President to J.L. Houston Co., Inc., J.L. Houston Company, Inc. – See Record

Peve Crop Services, Inc., Steve Hayes to J.L. Houston Co., Inc. – S 18 Ft Lot 3 Blk 38 Original Town Hopkins and 56 Ft. Off North Side Lots 1, 8 Blk 40 Original Town Hopkins

Richard J. Leeper to Shane Garnett – Com at NW Cor Sec 10-65-34 Thence…See Record

Samuel Lee Scroggie to Jamie Leigh Scroggie – E1/3 Lot 2 Blk 6 Original Town of Maryville

David Bruce Judd to CCP Maryville 3785, LLC – Lot 1, W1/2 Lot 2, Blk 1, Beal’s Addition to Maryville

David K. and Leslie D. Ackman to Bruce Judd – See Record

October 1, 2019

David O. Burns to William and Sharon Cowden, Nell Cowden Revocable Living Trust – See Record

David O. Burns to William and Sharon Cowden, Nell Cowden Revocable Living Trust – Part of W1/2 NW1/4 Sec 16-65-33…See Record

Lawrence J. and Michelle Wickersham to W&P Development, LLC – Lot 2 Blk 13 Southern Extension to Maryville

Dustyn Wilmes to Charles and Kimberly Henry – Lot 1 Exc W 48 Ft Thereof Blk 3 Hawk’s First Addition to Ravenwood

October 2, 2019

Richard A. Oliver to Alexis and Candace Boeh – Lot 15 Harmony Hill Subdivision, an Addition to Maryville

Rex B. and Michelle Welch to James and Autumn Burns – Lot 3, 4 Blk 29 Original Town of Parnell

Cody D. Hoepker to M&M Pub and Grub, LLC – N1/3 Lot 7 and N1/2 S2/3 Lot 7 Blk 37 Original Town of Hopkins


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