April 22, 2021

John Linebaugh to David Linebaugh – Lot 1 and E 54 Ft. Lot 2 Fake’s Addition to Pickering

Tanya and Jacob Jones to Jon Stuart – Blk 4 Lots 2, 3, 4 Scott’s Addition to Elmo

April 23, 2021

Christopher S. and Aubrey L. Ziller to R2Z2 Properties LLC – W1/2 Lots 1, 2 Blk 8 Southern Extension to Maryville, Except S58 Ft of W1/2 Lot 2

April 26, 2021

Leon E. and Rebecca S. Mercer to LR Mercer Enterprises, Inc. – W1/2 Lot 1 Blk 21 Original Town of Maryville; Lot 14 Countryside North, an Addition to Maryville

Lee Rex McAliley, Jr. and Rachelle Elaine Beattie to Jeremy Wheeler and Skylar Rauch – W 25 Ft Lot 4 and E 16 Ft Lot 5 Blk 4TL Robinson’s Second Addition to Maryville

April 27, 2021

James D. and Nancy M. Scarbrough Revocable Trust to John and Jennifer Dirks – Com N1/4 Cor Sec 8-66-34..See Record

Dad Gumm-7, LLC , Steven E. Gumm, Brenda S. Rapp and Linda A. Schieber to Mark A. and Debra J. Demott Revocable Living Trust – W1/2 SE1/4 Sec 18-66-35

April 28, 2021

Dixie and Francis McGary to Nicholas E.  and Melissa R. White ¬ All in Lot 5 in Dave Neidel’s Addition to The City of Maryville

Bernetta Younger Family Trust, Mark Younger, Anita Espey, Trustees to Mark Younger – Lot 10 of The Summit, a Subdivision of the City of Maryville

Mark Younger to Barrett-7, LLC – Lot 10 of The Summit, a Subdivision of the City of Maryville