The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, November 3.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens, and County Clerk Melinda Patton. North District Commissioner Chris Burns was absent.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Invoice to Maryville Chamber through CARES Act funds; Authorization to perform elevator inspections 

• Reviewed the following received by mail or email: Extension Council Report (September 2020); MOPERM Insurance updates

• Along with Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor, the commission reviewed the preliminary report on Bridge #411 for Jackson Township and a call was made to Andy Macias at Snyder and Associates to discuss. A call was made to Worth County regarding trading softmatch for BRO funds. They will discuss and get back to the commission.

• An email was received from Macias at Snyder and Associates for BRO-B061 (62) in Jackson Township. A letter to Chris Redline, District Engineer with MoDOT was reviewed and signed.  

• Rex Wallace, assessor and Marilyn Jenkins, collector/treasurer, spoke with the commission regarding employee’s time should a county employee be out due to COVID.

Jenkins discussed the remaining funds for the CARES Act. A call was made to the Maryville Chamber of Commerce to request an invoice for the Shop Small Uniquely Nodaway campaign. The commission and Jenkins discussed the option of opening the funds back up for a third round for small businesses in Nodaway County. Also discussed getting an advertisement for bid for audit for both 2019 fiscal year and the CARES Act funds. Patton will put the bid advertisement together and get it to the paper and on the website.

• Jenkins reported upcoming tax collection status to the commission. A call was made to Maryville Glass and Lock for a status update on the drop box. They plan to install the box on Wednesday, November 4th. The box is intended to be installed on the southwest corner of the building, near the set of doors that faces the courthouse.

The commission signed letters to the companies that submitted Statements of Qualifications for the Preservation Consulting Professional Services regarding the Historical Preservation Grant. On October 22, 2020, the commission had voted to use Strata Architecture and Preservation for this phase. 

• The commission inspected a tube on Road #203 in Independence Township.

The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Thursday, November 5.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens, and County Clerk Melinda Patton.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Circuit Clerk to OSCA/SHI for equipment; Road and Bridge to Highway Trailer Sales for equipment; Sheriff to Wilmes Tire for tires and repair to Unit NC709; to Student Body for uniforms. Recorder Fee Report (October 2020); Clerk Fee Report (October 2020); Road and Bridge Certificate for Government or Nonprofit Educational Organization Use for MFA Oil. 

• Reviewed the following received by mail or email: Northwest Workforce Development Board emails

• The commission discussed an open appointment for the Mozingo Advisory Board. Todd Stagner’s seat expires this year and he would like to be considered for reappointment. Stagner was reappointed to another three-year term. An email was sent to Greg McDanel, City of Maryville Manager.

• Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor, presented a bid advertisement for rebar. Sealed bids will need to be received by December 1 at 11:30 in the office of the county clerk. Bids will be opened and reviewed by the commission at the date and time listed above in the office of the Nodaway County Commission. E. Walker discussed the continued need for a trailer. The commission had reviewed submitted bids on June 25, 2020 but were not able to secure a trailer. A call was made to Ivan Schraeder, county attorney, for guidance. Schraeder advised that bids had already been sought, including a bid for a new trailer, so the requirement has been met. E. Walker has located a trailer that fits the parameters after calls to Hiway Trailer Sales, B.C. Murphy Enterprises, LLC and Jim Hawk Truck and Trailer. A requisition to purchase a trailer from B.C. Murphy Enterprises, LLC was submitted and approved.

• The commission signed the Community Development Block Grant environmental review letters for Bridge #0411018 in Jackson Township.

• The commission continued their call to Schraeder with questions on the process of putting the question of county form of government to a vote of Nodaway County residents. Schraeder answered questions regarding the process to the county should the vote go in favor of county form of government.

• Larry Ecker, Lincoln Township, called in regarding a bridge on Road #33 he would like the commission to look at.  

• A call was made to Geist Heating to look at two thermostats on the third floor of the Administration Building. Both thermostats were replaced.

A citizen from Polk Township called with questions on code enforcement. A call was made to Eric Couts, Polk Township Code Enforcer for clarification.

• A Jackson Township citizen stopped in to inquire about the process of reconstructing a road near his property.

• The commission, along with Marilyn Jenkins, collector/treasurer, Lisa Nickerson, recorder of deeds, Rex Wallace, assessor, E. Walker and Tammy Carter, H.R. director, discussed the information gathered by Carter on insurance options. The group consensus of elected officials was to remain with Gallagher Benefit Services due to the pricing they had presented. It was decided to stay with Gallagher. Insurance is an 85/15 split with the employee being responsible for 15% of the cost. Carter will touch base with Gallagher to line out the next step and to inquire whether new hires will need to complete the enrollment form. Jenkins presented the additional information to the group regarding the Health Savings Plan (HSA) through Nodaway Valley Bank (NVB.) The commission decided to offer this plan for 2021 and move away from the FLEX Benefit plan. Jenkins will get the applications from NVB and touch base with all employees utilizing the FLEX program. The group then discussed no longer doing additional insurance deductions through payroll in 2021. Carter will contact all participants of these programs to inform them of the change. Information on these programs will still be made available to employees, but the county will not be involved if an employee decides to purchase a plan for themselves.

• The commission agreed to open the Small Business Grant process for a third round. This is open to any small business that has not yet applied for the CARES Act funds. The closing date for the small business grant applications will be November 25, 2020. Applications can be picked up at the office of the collector/treasurer or can be found on the county webpage.

• Jenkins, Patton and the commission discussed changes that will be made to the budget for the 2021 cycle regarding the 911 fund. Patton had sent out the budget worksheets in early October and requested that they be sent back in by November 13. 

• The commission made a call to Dee O’Riley, newly elected public administrator, to set up a time for her to come in to discuss the transition and budget items for FY2021.

• The commission inspected a bridge on Road #33 in Lincoln Township.