The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, January 4.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Scott Walk, and County Clerk Melinda Patton.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Clerk Fee Report (December 2021); Invoice for Northwest Audio Visual, LLC

• The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: Promotion letters from sheriff’s Department (moving C. McDonald and D. Sigman to Corporal). LPA Training information at County Commissioner’s Association of Missouri (CCAM) training. Memorandum 003-2 from Department of Public Safety; Division of Fire Safety.

• Brian Engle, Road and Bridge Supervisor discussed a bid request for rebar and pipe. An advertisement has been put together with all sealed bids on Rebar to be turned in to the office of the county Clerk no later than January 25, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. and pipe to be turned in to the office of the county clerk no later than February 17, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. All sealed bids will be opened in the office of the County Commission.

• The commission discussed the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for FY2022. A motion was made and seconded to give a 5% COLA increase across the board. The motion passed by vote. The 2022 Salary Schedule as recommended by the Salary Committee on October 26, 2021was also passed.

• A message was left at Coenen Electric regarding the exterior lights on the courthouse. Arnold Plumbing was called to check on the status of a sink at the jail. A call was made to Geist Heating and Cooling to check on the status of the compressors for the administration building. 

• A call was returned to a resident in Polk Township regarding roads. The resident was referred to Mark Wilson, road supervisor for Polk Township.

• Gentry County Clerk Carol Reidlinger requested a copy of the licensing agreement used with the wind projects.

• The commission received a call from Maureana Tucker, Missouri Public Entity Risk Management (MOPERM) representative regarding a claim filed from an accident. A call was made to the Nodaway County Sheriff, the Missouri Highway Patrol and Jefferson City to gain copies of the incident reports.  

• The commission did an inspection of road conditions of Road #638 in Polk Township

• The commission reviewed and signed the Promulgation Statement for the State Emergency Management Agency.

A call was made to Jessica Rickabaugh at the Northwest Communication Center to relay a concern from a resident.

The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Thursday, January 6.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Scott Walk, and County Clerk Melinda Patton.

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Recorder Fee Report (December 2021). Sheriff to Haug Communications for equipment repair; County Commission to MTE server for Sheriff’s Department (Emergency Purchase) and equipment for Coroner..

• The Commission hosted the quarterly meeting for office holders with the following in attendance: Burns, Walker, Walk, Elaine Wilson, Lisa Nickerson, Dee O’Riley, Marilyn Jenkins, Rex Wallace, Randy Strong and Patton.  Office holders gave updates to activities and issues within their respective offices. The next quarterly meeting will be April 7, 2022. Also in attendance:  Kay Wilson, Nodaway News Leader and Tammy Carter, H.R. Director.  

--Wilson gave updates on the Circuit Clerk’s office. She stated her office has hired two new people: Heather Wallace and Ravyn Davis. Wilson discussed a training with OSCA and the City of Maryville that will occur today (1-6-22) regarding taking on municipal court.

-- O’Riley updated the group on her numbers. She currently has 67 individuals she is working on. She has had one individual pass away and got one new full. O’Riley has two temporary people that will likely go full soon. O’Riley visited each of her wards in 2021.

--According to Nickerson, the recorder’s office recorded 3,925 real estate transactions of which 67 were surveys and three plats; 129 marriage license recordings and gave out 181 certified copies of marriage certificates. The recorder’s office continues to work on back filing.  

--Jenkins stated her office has collected approximately 90% of 2021 taxes which is down from 2019 and 2020, although they are still opening mail postmarked by December 31, 2021. On the treasurer’s side, they are wrapping up 2021. 

--Strong provided the group with a summary of 2021 statistics. Strong discussed trainings he and his deputies have taken and will be taking to be compliant. The Sheriff’s Department was awarded the Rickard Trust and will be using it to purchase a side-by-side ATV to meet search and rescue needs. The department is currently fully staffed. Strong also discussed the transition of taking over municipal court and the added duties for his staff.

--According to Wallace, the 2021assessment is complete and the 2022 Assessment sheets were mailed out on December 30, 2021. Wallace discussed phone issues within his office that he would like to seek solutions for.

--Patton discussed year end reports and documentation her office is working on. Filing for the April 2022 Municipal Election has closed with the final certification date being January 25. Filing dates for the August Primary will be February 22 – March 29 in the office of the Nodaway County Clerk.

--Commission discussed the Nodaway County Road and Bridge plans for 2022. Six bridges have been proposed. The county will build one BRO bridge in Jackson Township, which will allow the county to utilize CDBG grant dollars on that bridge. The consolidated 911 has completed one full year in October. The Oversight Board created a sub-committee to look into funding mechanisms to fund the 911 program in the future. The county plans to work on the ramp into the courthouse in 2022.  The commission discussed that they had officially adopted the updated salary schedule and approved a 5% Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA). Updated handbooks will be ready next week.

• Deputy appointments for Christie Swinford, Christy Matthews-Allen, Jessica Whaley, Leona Remus, Sadie Poe, Lorraine O’Donnell and Angie Cordell were approved by the commission.

• Strong discussed the upgrading the server for the sheriff’s office which is under alarm due to failure.  The commission advised Strong to speak with the IT tech to get the process started.

• The commission spoke with Dan Bozarth, City of Maryville street supervisor, regarding the use of equipment for trail clearing. The commission granted permission.

• The Budget Hearing date for FY2022 has been set for Thursday, January 27 at 8:30 a.m. in the office of the county commission.

• Robert Schieber, Washington Township, turned in a request for County Aid Program for Road #999.

• Josh McKim, Nodaway County Economic Development, stopped in to discuss the PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy program. Jenkins, collector/treasurer was invited to sit in on the discussion. The commission is open to learning more about the commercial side of the program, but would not be interested any residential portion of the program.

• The commission spoke with Elaine Wilson, circuit clerk regarding taking over municipal court. Wilson stated the state will receive $15 per ticket with 30% ($3) coming to the county. Wilson hopes to find out more information on the process and average numbers at the training today.

• Andy Abbott, MTE, stopped in to discuss the server within the sheriff’s department. Due to failures on the server, Abbott recommends replacing the server as soon as possible.  The commission voted for an emergency purchase of a Dell Server from MTE with software due to multiple failures. The server will be paid with ARPA funds if deemed an allowable expense.

Abbott discussed decisions that would need to be made in order to move forward with connecting the server to necessary offices at the courthouse. Abbott discussed fiber, strand and switch options that would need to be made as well as talked about the proprietary info, required MULES Certification and data security that need to be taken into consideration on this project. Abbott is going to pull together information and present to the commission at a later date.

The commission also asked Abbott to proceed in ordering a laptop, software and a printer for the coroner to be paid through ARPA funds if allowed.

• Linda Mattson, Northstar Advocacy Center Executive Director and Meghann Kosman, court/victim advocate and volunteer coordinator, met with the commission to present numbers to make a request for consideration for the FY2022 budget. Mattson also discussed needs the shelter has that might qualify for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.