June 27, 2019

Barbara Jean Gingrich to Rodney G. and Brenda S. Lewis Revocable Living Trust – See Record

Paul E. and Nanette Pankau to Stacie Marie Hilsabeck – Lot 8 Blk 13 Southern Ext or Addition to Maryville

Darin S. and Melinda Gragg to Curt and Julie Tobin – Beg at NE Cor Lot 4 K&L Subdivision Maryville Thence…See Record

Nathan E. and Sarah Klaas to Jackie S. Runde – S 60 Ft Lot 2 Blk 4 Torrance’s Addition to Maryville

June 28, 2019

Holly Eve Alderink to Avrey Eliszewski – S1/2 Lot 7, 8, 9 Blk 11 Original Town of Ravenwood

Robert L. and Lindsey Wood to Robert J. Finch – Lot 7, 8 Blk 38 F Hastings Addition to Maryville

Joshua Michael and Shelbi Kaullen to Michael Barbosa – Lot 4 and W 60 Ft. Lot 5 Boot Hills Subdivision

Alexandra S. and Case A. Ruckman to Quincey Nacole Lyon – Lot 7 Blk 4 Morton’s Addition to Maryville

Justin D. and Audra J. Siemer, Audra J. Bradely to Joshua M. and Shelbi L. Kaullen – See Record

Kirk P. and Elizabeth A. Hawkins to Justin D. and Audra J. Siemer – Lot 5 Drake’s Country Estates

Cleo W. and Shirley M. Sherry Revocable Living Trust to David C. and Rhonda M. Sherry – Lot 1 Drake’s Country Estates Subdivision

Spencer and Rachael Martin to Elizabeth Hawkins – Lot 10 Golden Acres Subdivision Plat 1, an Addition to the City of Maryville

Diana C. and Harold W. Spire to Spencer L. and Rachael E. Martin – Lot 5 Southdale Subdivision Phase 1, an Addition to the City of Maryville

David T. Coffman to Luke and Kimberly Violett – See Record

July 1, 2019

Kevin P. and Lori M. Lager to Alex C. and Harmony R. Chaney – Lots 1, 29, 10 Blk 5 Anton M. Schaffer’s Second Addition to Conception Jct.

Mark Stephen, Patricia Kay, Tyler Stephen and Excene Graciella Spencer to Joshua L. and Jacob L. Hayes – W2/3 Lot 2 Blk 5 T.L. Robinson’s Second Addition to Maryville

Ellen and Ricky Hart, Odessa and Shawn Doughty to Jason R. and Laura Barnes – S 66 Ft. Lot 7, 8 Blk 11 MW Charles First Addition to Maryville

Hayes Family Farms, LLC, Troy L. Hayes to Prather Properties, LLC – Lot 2 Blk 11 WR Saunders Addition to Maryville

Charles M. and Margie Cooper to Ashley E. and Luke C. Cooper – Lots 9, 10, 11, 12 Blk 7 Original Town of Guilford

Richard M. and Barbara A. New to William and Megan Stidham – Lot 5 Blk 3 Southern Extension to Maryville

Douglas S. and Nancy S. Lawyer to Douglas S. Lawyer Living Trust – See Record

Michael W. and Mary J. Nelson to Colville Family Revocable Trust – Lot 7 Blk 6 Robinson’s First Addition to Maryville

Gaylord F. and Lerita A. Nelson Family Trust, Danna Gayle Wendel-Smith to Martin Family Revocable Living Trust – See Record

July 2, 2019

Norbert J. and Michelle L. Henry to Benjamin Raymond Jermain and Sarah Elizabeth Chor – Lots 11, 12 Blk 12 Conception Now Clyde

Clarice Marie Davidson to Donald Dean Davidson II – Beg at E1/4 Cor Sec 8-66-35…See Record

Travis Chick Dinsdale to Erin Mary Dinsdale – Com at S1/4 Cor Sec 13-64-36 Thence…See Record

July 3, 2019

Brenda M. and Jason F. Klocko to Jason Peregrine – Com 56 Ft. E NW Cor Blk 6 Southern Ext…See Record

Traci D. Westfall to Rex Sobotka – All That Part Lot 5 John Saunders Addition ..See Record

Shannon Rose Callow, Shannon Rose and Justin Udy to George and Evelyn Callow – NE1/4 SE1/4 Sec 3-62-36

Patrick E. and Tassi E. Bryant to Elaine Millsap Revocable Living Trust – Com at NW Cor Sec 23-64-34 Thence…See Record

Elaine Millsap Revocable Living Trust to Patrick E. and Tassi E. Bryant – See Record

Drexel D. Riley to Drexel D. Riley Revocable Trust Agreement – See Record

July 8, 2019

Joe E. and Barbara A. Ledbetter to Jeffrey R. Rice Family Trust – Lot 32 Parkdale Estates, a Subdivision to Maryville 

David and Teresa D. Blackford to Donald Blackford Trust – N1/2 NW1/4 Sec 18-66-35

Elmo Community Group to Ronald D. and Lana K. Thompson – Lots 30, 31, 32 Blk 4 Original Town Elmo

Lee and Sharee Dumke Family Irrevocable Trust to Vernon L. and Marla J. Coy – See Record

July 9, 2019

Twila Ann and Robert W. Reynolds to Series 4 Baker-Garrett Investments, LLC – See Record

July 10, 2019

Kevin D. and Angela E. Cordell to Richard and Tammie Sanders – Lots 1, 2, 11, 12 Blk 3 Highland View Addition to Skidmore

Floyd Lynn and Nancy J. Rickabaugh to Nodaway Memorial Gardens and Mausoleums, Inc. – Nodaway Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums Inc Garden of the Cross Blk B Lot 42 Spaces 1, 2

Erik J. Schreiber to Helen and Roland Schreiber – Lot 3 Half Blk 12 Northwest Extension or Addition to Maryville