June 6, 2019

Bluebird Media, LLC to Bluebird Media Network, LLC – See Record

June 7, 2019

Kevin A. Britten Revocable Inter Vivos Trust to Nicholas and Angela Sherlock – See Record

Jason and Joni Hawk to Preston and Emily Pedersen – See Record

Donna C. Riley Revocable Living Trust to Vicki Riley – C: NE1/4 Sec 1-65-35; D: NW1/4 Sec 6-65-34

Donna C. Riley Revocable Living Trust to Vicki Riley – J: W1/2 E Fractional half Sec 36-67-34

Steve and Lisa McIntyre to Robert and Lindsey Wood – Beg N1/2 Corner Sec 26-63-35…See Record

Irma Copeland to Steve and Lisa McIntyre – See Record

Thacker Properties, LLC to Zimmerman 8, LLC – See Record

John and Loretta Baumli to Preston L. and Emily A. Pedersen – Lot 5 Blk 2 Southern Extension to the City of Maryville

June 10, 2019

Judy D. Ford to Melody McGinness – Lots 5, 6, 7 Original Town Elmo

Marshall L. and Valerie A. Coffelt to Rodney and Lori McKinney – Lot 18A Morningview Addition Plat 2….See Record

Cory S. and Tabitha Rae Frank to Kelsey A. and Michael R. Bruno – Lot 14 Harmony Hill Subdivision

Kylie M. Mattke to Adrienne A. Isakovic – W1/2 Lots 7, 8 Blk 7 M.G. Roseberry’s Addition to Maryville

Jason and Joni Hawk to Series # Baker-Garrett Investments, LLC – S1/2 Lots 1, 2 Blk 6 Burn’s First Addition to Maryville

Joshua and Alea Mullins to Habitat for Humanity of Nodaway County, Inc. – E 26 Ft Lot 7 and W 55 Ft. Lot 6 Blk 22 M.W. Charles Sec Addition to Maryville

Derek and Mary Voight to Tabitha R. and Cory S. Frank – Lot 31 Scout Ridge Estates

June 11, 2019

Kristy K. and Cassidy J. Grimm, Kristy K. Giermann to Kristy K. and Cassidy J. Grimm – Lot 7, 8 Shiel’s Addition to Burlington Junction