TARKIO, Mo. — Enel Green Power North America, owner and operator of the Rock Creek wind farm located in Atchison County, presented $120,000 in financial support toward community needs in Tarkio last week.

Rock Creek Site Supervisor Corey Martin joined State Rep. Allen Andrews and other local officials for presentations to Tarkio’s public school district, police and EMS services, volunteer fire department and rodeo grounds.

According to a company news release, EGP is invested in Missouri and committed to the long-term sustainability of the communities where it operates. 

“With appreciation for the value Tarkio adds to our business, it’s our privilege as Enel Green Power to create shared value in this community,” said Martin. 

The company presented $30,000 to the Tarkio R-I school district to fund a science-tech curriculum, teacher training and related materials.

EGP also presented the school district with $30,000 to upgrade lighting and sound systems for the school theater.

EGP presented the Tarkio Volunteer Fire Department with $40,000 toward emergency response equipment. 

For further enhancement of Tarkio’s emergency response capabilities, EGP presented the city of Tarkio with $10,000 designated for new automated external defibrillators and associated equipment for use in Tarkio’s police cars, at the community center and at City Hall.

Tarkio hosts an annual rodeo in June as part of the state and national professional and amateur rodeo circuit. In an effort to maintain the rodeo grounds, EGP contributed $10,000 to the Tarkio Rodeo Association.

In Missouri, EGP currently operates the 300 megawatt Rock Creek wind farm and is preparing to construct the new 236.5 megawatt White Cloud wind farm in Nodaway County, which will supply power to Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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